Motivate Mondays

Motivate Mondays
It's a new week guys and a new month since our last blog post!
Sorry for taking so long as schedules get busy, but nevertheless we are back and ready to get you guys motivated!
Here is an entry from a 365 Fit Club member who has a WORD for how we perceive ourselves and how to go about changing our lives in a holistic and healthy way!
We hope you guys read this post and feel inspired to get active today or to make a small change in your lifestyle as she shares her story!

Alyssa Cleveland, 22, Atlanta

Going into the new year, the new decade, the new era, working out has certainly changed for me, and it can be daunting figuring out how to stay fit in a safe way due to the pandemic. So instead of not doing anything, I have dusted off my at home workout gear and tapped into building a healthy lifestyle right in my own home. I’ve found that there’s so many ways to workout and part of my health journey has been finding community and accountability with my close circle, social media, and other resources that have pushed me towards my workout goals. 


Personally, yoga and dancing are my new found loves. Since the new year I have been pushing myself to do yoga everyday even if it's only 5 minutes. On days when I don’t have the energy to figure out an entire cardio/strength training workout and I need to release some steam, learning dance choreo has been right there for me. 


In this new era, I ask what are you doing to reach your fitness goals and change your habits for a lifetime?


I know it's taken a while for me to get comfortable with my body as it is because as a Black woman, society has been telling me who I am and who I should be since birth. A lot of us struggle with lifestyle changes because fat phobia is pervasive, and we start health journeys with toxic views of ourselves and our bodies. My eating habits can be disordered sometimes because anxiety and depression really affect my metabolism and appetite. I am just now seeing results in terms of increasing body muscle, toning, and making sure I intake enough calories. It took listening to MY body and caring for my holistic being to see and most importantly FEEL the differences. 


Always remember fitness is a journey and all about the small wins!


~365 Fit Club~